What we do

Capture special moments, capture yourself

01.We make the Scan

Step inside our 360 degree photo booth where dozens of cameras will capture you from every angle.

02.A 3D model of you is made

Once your scan has been processed, a digital 3d model will be made and sent to you for review and approval.

03. It's time for printing!

A 3D state of the art printer will now bring your scan to life!

Never Forget Your Halloween Costume

Schedule 3D printing services in El Paso, TX

It took a lot of time to get your Halloween costume just right, and it looks awesome. In fact, just taking a couple of pictures wouldn't do it justice. Instead of getting photos made, visit Little Giant for 3D printing services in El Paso, TX.

You can take advantage of our 3D sculpture printing services to remember all the work you put into making your costume. Reach out now for more information about our 3D printing services.

What will you create a 3D model of?

No matter what you want to make a sculpture for, we can handle it. We can create a 3D sculpture of...

  • Your family members
  • Your dog and cat
  • Your souped-up car

Our services will help you reminisce about the good times. Call 915-726-4537 now to schedule 3D sculpture printing services in El Paso, TX.