Capture the moment, capture the love

Give us your best smile! Then, we'll take 178 pictures of you in a split second!

We are Little Giant

Who we are, this is our story

We are a family who wants to capture every special person and moment. We started because we wanted to capture the miracle of our first child, so we decided to make memories like this one possible for everyone.

3D Print technology, we have it.

Little Giant prints the best ideas: you!

Why choose us...

Best quality experience

Our products offer the best quality and capabilities at an unbeatable value.

Only the best materials

We use the best professional materials to manufacture your prototypes.

Designed for you

Create a miniature 3D model of yourself and share the experience with your family and friends.

High Craftsmanship

Using our state of the art 3D printing services, the models are very detailed.

3D technology

Our 3D technology allows you to hold your favorite memories in the palm of your hand.

Little Giant Team

The magic happens here, with our wonderfully talented team, we stitch together.